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Streaming family entertainment coming to The Perfect platform for video on demand comes with a Twitter account with 16,000+ followers. And a Facebook page with about 5,000 friends and likes.

M agic Channel, the Internet’s best kept secret for streaming content is predicted to be the most “binge worthy” channel in 2020 for streaming movies and gaming, with music and social media. 

A s a “Family Entertainment Platform” and the foundation for streaming media to any device globally these two priceless domains will become the “Holy Grail” for either the “Magic Kingdom,” “The Netflix Network,” “Amazon Prime Video” and other media rivals and studios.

G et ready for finding and funding innovation on the new Magic Channel platforms as new streaming content can be measured in real time with MagicChannel.LIVE. The spontaneous element in broadcasting makes this new platform unique and why whoever acquires it first, will have the “defacto” Magic touch. Because interestingly there is no “” Try it. That’s one secret we can’t tell you. will be synonymous with family entertainment and the wonder of all media and all devices. It will appear after nearly 20 years of being “top secret.”

I t’s hard to believe a truly new channel is coming, but “Tah Dah” its present owner who has funded other projects including the Best brand has decided to let the media experts do their streaming magic in the wake of TV, movie studios and even theaters. Long live streaming content, family entertainment and self-broadcasting.

C ome along and remember: “Magic Channel for Today, Tomorrow and Forever!”


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